Indigofera x Miriam Parkman Höga kusten

Indigofera Jeans colab with Miriam Parkman shot by me in Höga kusten:) In the magic light of an early June evening sun, the sea, cliffs and sky leaves you dazzled. The Midnight Dazzler blanket / blanket jacket! photograhed with Mats Arne, Pontus Rågbring, Miriam Parkman, Åsa Norin & Johan Östergård.

+81 issue 81 featureing me:)

Issue 81 of magazine about the crative world +81 featuring me:) They have chosen one artist from each issue to revisit and I was part of issue 8, arigato Satoru Yamashita for choosing me again! Nice selection: Ian Andersson/Designers Republic, Tom hingston, Juergen Teller, Maison Kitsuné, Ninja Tune, Masters at Work, Rankin, Undercover, Daido Moriyama, Shepard Fairey, Henrik Vibskov, Ryan McGiness, Neville Brody, Kenzo, Wk interact, Damien Hirst, Comme des Garçons and more. Cover John Warwicker/Tomato. My work shown: Beermarble colab with Karl Grandin for Omnipollo, Indigofera Jeans colab with Björn Atldax & Caroline Axel and Face to Face colab with Asuka Yamamoto & Takashi Kudo/Team Lab.

Indigofera jeans x Wes Lang

Indigofera Jeans x Wes Lang blanket photographed way up north with Mats Andersson, Pontus Rogbring, Miriam Parkman & Björn Atldax

Eyes of Nikon - Face to Face

New images for Eyes of Nikon, this time from my Face to Face-project Eyes of Nikon with Sandra Praun, graphic designer.

Papersky magazine - Sweden issue

the Fika sessions Papersky magazine Sweden issue: Kako Osado visiting Ingegärd Råman x Pia Wallén, Björn Atldax x Karl Grandin, Petter Bjerke x David Haugaard, Joanna Alm x Jennifer Lindstedt, Marcus Åhren x Lina Zedig & Christoffer Beskow x Conrad Tyrséns, with Lucas & Kaori Badtke-Berkow, text Eri Ishida.

United Arrows green label

Joonas Karhumaa portrayed for United Arrows Green label relaxing with Lucas & Kaori-san Batke-Berkow.

Trolls Koko magazine

Trolls portrayed for Koko magazine, art directors Sissela Jenssen & William Andersson, with Marie Birde, Anne Gustavsson, Tora Bärnarp & Jonas Troedsson and more:)

Carina Seth Andersson Elle Decór

Carina Seth Andersson portrayed by me for Elle Decór, text Sanae Sato

Trico Lisa Larson mook 2017

Lisa Larson with the Trico sculpture, her tribute to the Last guardian game for Plastation 4, portrayed for Lisa mook 2017, edited & text by Kaori Soma and Hironori Tsukue.

Little shop of flowers - Bookproject

Little Shop of flowers, Harajuku - book project with Yukari Iki!

Josefin Vargö in Pia Wallen for Norah Magazine

Josefin Vargö dressed in Pia Wallén for Norah magazine, styling & make up Caroline Axell, text by Mat Akihiro Matsui

Koko magazine rymdiska hus

the kids portrayed for Koko magazine, idea & prop design/ paper art Marisa Fjärem

Nathalie Lahdenmäki Elle Decór

Nathalie Lahdenmäki portrayed by me for Elle Decór text Sanae Sato

Joonas Karhumaa bomber jacket

Joonas Karhumaa bomber jacket-project makeup Dat Danh

Lisa Larson mook 2016

Lisa Larson mook 2016, text by Miki Osako.

Indigofera jeans

Indigofera Jeans & blankets shoot with Mats Andersson & Pontus Rogbring, styling Caroline Axell photo assistant Joel Billeqvist. Image nr 5 for "From tip to toe - the essential men's wardrobe book" on Gestalten Verlag.

Claesson Koivisto Rune & Oki Sato/Nendo for Elle Decor

Claesson Koivisto Rune & Oki Sato/Nendo portrayed for Elle Decór japan


costume collection Lattjo photographed for Tyra von Zweigbergk & Maja Sten, models Jill, Vivvi & Nikki

Hanna & Andrea

Video shot for Hanna & Andrea Always on my mind directed by Stina Persson Helleday & editor Ellen von Zweigbergk Lights Jonathan Selberg B-foto Joel Billeqvist

Den Stora Vilan

Video shot for Den Stora Vilan Stölden directed by Stina Persson Helleday & Ellen von Zweigbergk, costume Anna TJernberg, bikers Frida Thurhagen, Kilian Backman, Aron Heinemann & Jennifer Pope

Elle Decor japan - Lisa Larson

Lisa Larson portrayed for Elle Décor japan with Ikko Yokoyama and Sanae Sato.

Madame Figaro Japan

Madame Figaro japan, scandinavian issue featuring Betonggruvan, Mimmi Staaf and more. Text and coordination Ikko Yokoyama, Miki Osako and Sakiko Jin.

Lisa Larson Mook-project

Lisa Larson Mook-project with Miki Osako.

Here is your temple

Cover and video shot for Here is your Temple's song Opening night. Check out the video Here is your temple - opening night with Emily Mcwilliam and director Olle Nyman.

Ikväll är vi kungar 2015

Ikväll är vi kungar 2015 with Lilla Namo, Petter, Rosh, Ison & Fille, dj Taro, Sleepy & Blen. for Blixten art direction Lowe Steiner/RobLowe retouch Joanna Ågren photoassistant Joel Billeqvist

Vogue japan - Lydmar Hotel

Vogue Japan featuring Lydmar photographed by me with Mayuko Takasumi & Miki Osako.

Horror for Dagens Nyheter

Trends in horrormovies visualized through smoke-photography by me and illustration by Vår for Dagens Nyheter. Text by Fredrik Strage.

Nintendo-talks Level magazine

Nintendo-talks with Josef Fares, Mikael Cruseman, Effie Karabuda, Tobias Bjarneby & Carl Michael Sahlberg for Level magazine.

Face to Face exhibition

Face to Face exhibition at ifönstret gallery/Spring street studio/Hanna Werning. I projected faces from friends from other places onto the faces of new friends I met when I travelled. Here are Asuka/Takashi, Emiko, Evan, Hajime, Heidi, Ichi, Motoko, Nina, Rie, Seki & Yukie.

Nytt Rom Caroline Axell

Caroline Axell portrayed for Nytt Rom magazine , interior design/styling Caroline Axell!

Oss alla/Doberman

portraits for Oss alla, politically and religiously independent network that works for a Sweden for everyone. Made together with design firm Doberman; Klara Leander, Therese Björkqvist & Bjarne Melin, models Nadine, Bisse and more...

Gustaf Nordenskiöld Norah Magazine

Gustaf Nordenskiöld portrayed for Norah Magazine

Kavu outdoor wear/Paper sky magazine

Kavu outdoor wear shot for Paper Sky magazine with Vår & Karin Gille

8 bitar NES book project

Shot for 8 bitar the book about NES - Nintendo Entertainment system by Tobias Bjarneby & Markus Karlsson Frost

Fredrik Wretman Pen magazine

Artist Fredrik Wretman portrayed for Pen magazine with Ikko Yokoyama

Fäviken Magnus Nilsson Casa Brutus magazine

Magnus Nilsson Fäviken portrayed for Casa Brutus magazine with Ikko Yokoyama

Fermentation Norah Magazine

Shot together with experience designer Josefin Vargö for Norah magazine/Farmers market chronicle

Beer Marble

Beer-Marble made using Omnipollo beer with Karl Grandin for the book Brygg öl published on Natur & Kultur. Welcome to purchase your own Marbleprint and to buy the book brygg öl

Alina Devecerski for Frihet magazine

Alina Devecerski, cover for Frihet magazine

Pizza Hatt

Pizzahatt shot for Norwegian inflight magazine


Omnipollo (Henok Fentie & Karl Grandin) shot for Omnipollo beer brewery.

Neneh & Eagle-Eye Cherry – Don Cherry "see you in a minute"

Neneh & Eagle-Eye Cherry portrayed for Don Cherry's album "See you in a minute". Art direction Jon Edergren.

Soran Ismail shot for Frihet Magazine

Soran Ismail shot for Frihet magazine

Who's that monkigirl

Who's that Monki-girl, a photographic investigation for the clothingbrand Monki. art direction Marisa Fjärem & Sara Hernandez models Pharra, MariMari, Mariam Valentin, Zelam and more

Level magazine God Nolan Bushnell

Mr Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari, equals God In the pixelated world of games. Here portrayed for Level magazine. Art direction Markus Karlsson Frost & Martin Johansson words Tobias Bjarneby

Monocle Inoko Toshiyuki Team Lab

Inoko Toshiyuki/Team Lab Tokyo portrayed for Monocle magazine


Första gången - A campaign to encourage people to HIV-test themselves art direction Jörgen Gedeon make up Emily MCWilliam

Cheap Monday At the temple

Shot at Tempelhof, Berlin art direction Vår, hair & make Tony Lundström,  styling Karin Granstrand, models Aeneas & Emily MCWilliam


art direction Viktor Tell

Tokyo food

Tokyofood is a penetrating depiction of the foodculture in the city with the most number of Guide Michelin stars in the world, a foodiebook that got Best ethnic cookbookprice from Måltidsakademin published by Gustav Karlsson Frost, Petter Bjerke, Markus Karlsson Frost and Natur & Kultur, editor Maria Nilsson, food advisors Hajime Yokawa, Tomohiro Tsuchiya, Takashi Kudo, Rio Wada & Miki Osako. Buy it at

Jens Lekman Swallow magazine

artist Jens Lekman portrayed for NYC-based magazine Swallow

till 10 gruppen 40år

10-Gruppen portrayed for their 40-years anniversary book Mönsterkraft!

Genko tatoo

bookproject in the making with tattooartist Genko, Nagoya Japan initiator Takashi Kudo

Cheap Monday - down below

Shot in the R1 experimental nuclear plant. art direction Vår, hair & makeup Tony Lundström, styling Alice Shulman, models Ambra Bolin Rojek, Adina & Christian

Odd at Large - denim

art direction Christoffer Höring & Leon Martinsen, styling Lina Aastrup, hair & makeup Johanna Sylvan, model Charlotte/Mikas

Cheap monday - Galltorp

Armed with neon we took control over the old haunted Galltorp. Ghosts include a naked madwoman on a horse, a drowned kid lurking about the well (who we actually met resulting in smashed neontubes and the whole crew running away), a bloodhound guarding the house and a nice lady that gives you apples. Art direction Vår hair & makeup Tony Lundström, styling Karin Granstrand, neon Hans Frode models Adina & Karl-Johan

Oddatlarge - silhouettes

art direction Christoffer Höring & Leon Martinsen, illustration Anne-Li Karlsson, styling Alice Shulman & Lina Aastrup, hair & makeup Tony Lundström/Mikas, model Haidy/Mikas

Cheap monday - in to the woods

Shot in Trollskogen. Art direction Vår, styling Pirjo Niemelä, hair and makeup Tony Lundström, models Adina, Christian & Ellie

Cheap monday - out of the sea

art direction Vår, hair & makeup Tony Lundström, styling Pirjo Niemelä, models Adina, Ellie & Christian


decotruck shoot inspired by and with the japanese phenomena Deco-truck. Yohei Kusanagi coordination Tomohiro Ichimura coordination and styling Mike styling Rena Suzuki make up and hair make Yusaku Obama make up and hair makeSonia Nakamura model Mai Fujimura model


Brochure shot for Scanfjord ecological clams in Mollösund. production Sara Thorson, design & styling Johan Hjerpe/Imaginary Life & Lina Åberg


A guide to Taiwanese exclusive tea and food for Gourmet magazine. text Petter Bjerke

Berwald hallen Daniel Harding

conductor Daniel Harding portrayed for Berwaldhallen art direction Lupo design

Edwin European launch

Edwin jeans european launch shot in Tokyo and Okayama, Japan. Art direction Vår, words Kun (Kunichi Nomura), models Jimpe, Eishii and more


JC imagephotos, art direction Vår, styling Karin Smeds

Fem asiatiska kök

Fem Asiatiska kök - A book with five asian families in Stockholm sharing their favourite recipes. art direction Sofia Scheutz editor Maria Nilsson words Yukiko Duke buy it at

Tony Lundström

portraits shot with and for Tony Lundström, hair & make Tony Lundström.

Manligt Kvinnligt

article concerning male-female roles in the urban society visualized in Neo magazine, art direction Joanna Andreasson models Love & Haidy Möttus hair & make up Tony Lundström

Sputnik whole life catalogue

Futura 2000, Hardy Blechman/Maharishi, Russ Karablin/SSUR, Herman Makkink/penis sculpture - a clockwork orange, Shady and more portrayed for Sputnik Whole life catalogue. with Kun Nomura, Takashi Kudo, Hajime Yokawa, Tomohiro Tsuchiya, Youhei Kusanagi, Teruo Kurosaki and more!

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